Agent Manzana

The lost apples

My name is Hans Enthoven and one of my hobbies is programming. For fun I like to program games. One of the games I have made is Agent Manzana. You can download and find information about this game on this site. Have fun!

The game
Agent Manzana is a platform game. A platform game is a game like Super Mario or commander keen (good old classics). In this game it is the goal to collect as many apples as you can find in each level. But, danger is around the corner. There are different enemies in each level and each level has a time limit. For each apple you collect in the different levels you will receive some points. So, at the end it is the target to receive as many points as you can get! Good luck!!

Notice: At this moment the game has only 3 levels. But more levels will be availible in the final version!

The two screenshots here give you an image of the game. I hope you like it!

Version History
Version 0.8a
+ Added multi background support
+ Added background music
+ Added time bonus to get extra time
+ Changed message display arrea inside levels (welcome word, etc)
- Changed some collors at different places
- Fixed 'pause' bug (now you can't move (a bit) or shoot anymore when your dead)
- Fixed menu bug, on some systems the menu did not work properly

Version 0.8 BETA --> First release!

If you are interested you can download the game here. At the moment there is only a Windows version availible. To download this follow one of the following links.
Agent Manzan v0.8a (Recommended)
Agent Manzan v0.8 (first release)

To play the game you just have to unpack the .zip file and run the executable. Have fun!

If you are also a programmer and like to view the source code of the game, then just drop me an e-mail. I will then send you the source code from the game ( game is completly written in C++. The game also uses the allegro game libary.

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